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Are we Answering the Call?

We did. Now the VFW is all over again.

Have you heard about our latest success with our Armed & ReadyTM Program? The VFW-Department of Illinois in partnership with Midwest Home Funding created this new program to empower all of our comrades. In basic terms State and Federal agency representatives are invited into our Posts to solve problems on the local level. We designed the program to avoid long winded speeches thereby getting help directly to those in need and to educate all veterans regarding benefits due for our service to our Country. We have accomplished this with the help of our sponsor and founder of Armed & ReadyTM. Robert C. Perry, President of Midwest Home Funding.

Now the VFW and the Armed & ReadyTM program needs your help. Our sponsor created a special program to donate $250.00 per funded residential mortgage loan to any VFW members post in exchange for them referring a new customer to Midwest. This simple program has a special website and phone number (toll free) 1-877-THANK-A-VET. We only need to tell anyone we come in contact with to try Midwest, and if they closed their loan the VFW Post of choice will get the money. This simple program has already raised thousands for our individual posts.

Mr. Perry has just announced that he is raising the contribution to $500.00 per funded loan!!!! Not only is he increasing the individual Post donation for each closed customer referral, he will also donate an additional $100.00 to our VFW Foundation. If we had ONLY 5% of our membership participate, this would raise $2,250,000.00 PER YEAR! What shall we do with that money?

This is a wonderful opportunity for every VFW Post. As of now, Mr. Perry has set an expiration date on this fundraising program to be May 31, 2008. So will we Answer the Call?

To find out more contact Bob Barouski at 1-877-THANK-A-VET (1-877-842-6528) or ask Bill Regan about this important new asset in our arsenal. Thanks for answering the call!

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