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Homeless Veteran Stand-down
Post 3847 - Naperville

According to US Department of Veterans Affairs, over 250,000 of our American veterans become homeless. This is a terrible crisis. These men and women served in WWII, the Korean War, Cold War, Vietnam, Grenada, Panama, Lebanon, South America, Afghanistan and Iraq, putting their lives in jeopardy to protect our freedom, and now they're living on the streets, neglected and long-forgotten.
Thanks to the support from the Naperville, Illinois Judd Kendall Post 3873, many of these homeless veterans received some much needed help. The 2010 Summer Stand Down for Homeless Vets was held at the General Jones Armory in Chicago this past June. During this event, homeless veterans are able to get decent clothes to wear and to receive needed medical attention, including eye testing.
Several members from Post 3873, including Mike McGrath and Phil Maughan, volunteered their time helping these vets get the assistance they deserve. And, Mike and Phil presented a donation on behalf of Post 3873 for this charitable cause in order to offset some of the costs.
Our nation's homeless veterans can't wait any longer and need your help today. Please donate.

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