VFW of Illinois - Online Trustee Audit Report Submission
   To submit your Audit Report online, please fill out this form. DO NOT MAIL a paper report if you submit online. INSTEAD OF submitting online you MAY print this blank form, fill it in, and mail it. After you have filled in all the fields that are required (required information is shown in red), and filled out all your information, click on the Submit button at the bottom. The X-Sheets database will be updated, and an email will be generated for the state to use for verification of your submission.
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FUNDS:10 Beg Cash Bal11 Receipts12 Expenditures13 End Cash Bal
1. Natl and Dept Dues (Per Capita Tax)
2. Admission or Application Fees (Dept)
3. Post General Fund
4. Post Relief Fund (Poppy Profits, Donations, etc.)
5. Post Dues Reserve Fund (See Sec. 218, Manual of Procedure)
6. Post Home or Building Fund (incl. Savings but not Real Estate)
7. Post Canteen or Club Fund
9. Bonds and Investments Not Credited to Funds
14. TOTALS15.
16. Operations
Have required payroll deductions been made?YesNo
Have payments been made to the proper State and Federal agencies in this quarter?YesNo
Have sales taxes been collected and paid?YesNo
Are club employees bonded?YesNo
Amount of outstanding bills ...
Amount of Real Estate ...
Amount of Liability Insurance ...
Owed on Mortgages and Loans ...
Value of Personal Property ...
Amount of Property Insurance ...
17. Reconciliation of Fund Balances
Checking Acct Bal 
Less Outstanding Checks 
   Actual Balance
Savings Acct Balance
Cash on Hand
Bonds and Investments (cost value)
** All Information Below Must be COMPLETELY Filled Out and the Boxes CHECKED **
This is to certify that (I) we (or qualified accountants) have audited the books and records of the Adjutant and Quartermaster of this post for the fiscal quarter indicated above in accordance of the National By-Laws and that this Report is a true and correct statement thereof to the best of our knowledge and belief. All Vouchers and Checks have been examined and found to be properly approved and checks properly countersigned, and (II) that all required signatures (Post Quartermaster, Trustees and Commander) have been obtained on the audit paperwork and will remain on file at the Post, and (III) that the Office of the Quartermaster is bonded with in the amount of $ until , and that this Audit is correctly made out to the best of my knowledge and belief.